Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yuen Long Park

In every district in Hong Kong, you can find a park of some sort.  Out here, in Yuen Long, we are blessed to have the Yuen Long Park.  This park is beautifully covered in green grass and gorgeously glorious green trees!  There is also an awesome pagoda/bird aviary at peak of this park.  It's a wonderful place for a late afternoon chill out.

Inside the aviary
I literally just tripped over this and realized this was a time capsule (after walking past it for 4 years...).  You learn something new everyday, eh!
The sitting area at the top of the hill
There is also a pet area, children's play ground, court areas, and walking paths throughout the park.  During the summer and weekends, it gets really crowded.  I remember, once I was out here and a tour bus actually dropped its tour off at the park to rest for the afternoon.

One of my favorite times to visit the Yuen Long Park is during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  At night, groups of people set up picnics under the stars to view the mid-autumn moon.  It's so incredibly fun to see children walking around with their lantern...families eating moon cakes and drinking tea...friends playing truth or dare in candlelight...just a really great time to visit the park.