Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Eats: Thai Lunch

I feel like it's always great to try little hole in the wall places because you never know if you'll find a diamond of an eatery.  

Menu Thai was one of those places where my husband and I just chanced to try a few years ago.  It had our Thai staples:  papaya salad, tom yum soup, and pad thai…so it was always an option when we were looking for some decent and quick food in the middle of the night.

I hadn't been here for over a year, but we were walking by and decided to stop there for lunch.

The lunch menu has about 10 or so sets listed.  The sets offer a main dish and a drink, basically.  All the sets for lunch were under $40 HKD, which is cheap as chips, but pretty tasty.

The thing that I loved about Menu Thai was that their drinks were normal sized.  Sometimes, when I ask for a cold lemon and water, I get something that is 8 oz and leaves me still parched!  So, being that it is boiling hot, it was nice to get a drink that could quench my thirst and leave me pretty satisfied.

We got a beef curry with rice, which was nice and spicy.

We ordered spring rolls on the side, but they looked nothing like the picture.  They were all right.  The sauce was probably the best part for me…sweet and sour.

And, lastly, we got a bowl of tom yum soup with noodles and chicken.  This was pretty good, but my tongue was still sizzling with the curry beef dish sauce that I couldn't get the full tom yum experience.  But, this was pretty satisfying.

It felt good to rediscover a place that I had once frequented almost weekly.  I got to taste the lunch menu (which was new), rediscover my love of Thai food (which makes me yearn to take a trip down to Bangkok), and got to sit in their lovely air-conditioning for an hour (always lovely)!  That's what I call a great lunch.