Monday, May 4, 2015

Skating Kam Sheung Area

My husband and I have been using the weekends to search for places to rollerblade.  

NOTE:  If there is a nice bit of land like Seattle's Alki, please do let me know!

We went out to the Kam Sheung Road MTR Station area, strapped on our rollerblades, and just got to exploring.  When heading past the little flea market area near the MTR Station, there is a bike path that we wondered where it lead to.

It actually went ended at a road, which was pretty barren because it was the weekend.

The road was quite smooth, but it was basically riding round and around like a roller derby almost.  After wondering around that area, we went back to the bike path and followed the waterway to a little strip of road (pictured below).

The road ran along the MTR line, but it was nice and smooth.

There is a nice bit of scenery, but the road is not exactly the best when you want to skate for miles.  It's a good place to practice rollerblading for beginners.  It's also nice and quiet.  We were skating back and forth for an hour and only a handful of joggers or bicyclists passed us.

NOTE:  The road was called Kam Po Road.  It's definitely an excellent place to practice skateboarding or rollerblading…smooth, straight, and quiet!

When lunchtime came around, we headed over to the Red Brick House for some grub.

We ordered the best jiaozi in town, as always.

Overall, this place is a good skating area and it has good food in close proximity.  Going out to the Kam Sheung Road area always feels like going on holiday because it's so peaceful and away from the city.

A future goal of mine is to go a bit further along the roads and see if the bike paths went beyond the areas around the MTR (which they probably do!).