Friday, May 29, 2015

Swimming Cheung Chau

One of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong's blistering hot Spring/Summer/Fall seasons is to head down to the beaches for a lay around.  On our trip to Cheung Chau Island, we not only tasted a few treats and explored the Island by foot, but we also took a visit to Tung Wan Beach.

We headed down here in the morning when it wasn't as crowded.  Plus, I heard somewhere that it's best not to be exposed to the sun's rays from 11 am - 4pm.  We must have gotten there around 10 am or so.  So, we benefited by being early birds in two ways!

Tung Wan Beach is a little strip of beach that sits between the Warwick Hotel and a bunch of beach condos.  It sits right opposite the Cheung Chau Ferry Terminal.  It probably took us around 10 minutes to calmly stroll to the beach.

Warwick Hotel at the end of the beach
Things you can expect at Tung Wan Beach:

1.  Fair quality
2.  Changing/Bathroom facilities
3.  A lifeguard on duty
4.  A couple floating platforms
5.  Pretty nice sand

6.  A nice view out towards Lamma Island
7.  A snack kiosk
8.  A few rental places for beach toys, umbrellas, life vests...

Lamma Island in the distance

One of the entrances down to the beach is this stone gateway.  How many beaches do you know of that have these?

The water was pretty calm and there weren't huge chunks of debris in the water…like some other beaches around Hong Kong.  Though it's scorching hot these days, the water was pretty cold.  But, bearably cold.

It was a great beach, while it was empty!

I kid!

It was a pretty nice beach though.  And I feel lucky that we had it mostly to ourselves.  I take pleasure in having moments like these…as it's always so crowded everywhere!