Saturday, May 16, 2015

Going to the Cinema

Today, we very much fancied lunch and a matinee.  

We decided all this quite last minute, but we managed to get two seats to see The Avengers:  Age of Ultron at the box office.  Usually, though, I would recommend buying tickets online:

We actually thought that no one would be watching a movie at noon.  I mean, who sees matinees anymore?  Turns out, loads of people watch matinees, especially for the blockbuster flicks.  But, we got to the Yuen Long Cinema about 30 minutes before the movie started, waited in line to purchase tickets for about 7 minutes, and then looked around for a place to eat (because it was lunch time).

For lunch we went to one of the outdoor restaurants that are around Pau Cheung Square.  We'd never been to this noodle place, but we weren't so hungry…and needed food quickly because our movie was starting in 15 minutes.

We shared a basic noodle with beef bowl and got a complimentary soup on the side.

 After scarfing down our food, we ran over to the Yuen Long Cinema, bought a large popcorn and Coke, and stumbled into our seats.

The Yuen Long Cinema reminds me of a good ole fashion neighborhood cinema.  There are only three theaters to watch movies in, within those three theaters are about 100 seats, they have those great pull down red cinema chairs, and they only play the most popular flicks.

Yuen Long Cinema Info:
G/F No. 8 Pau Cheung Square
Yuen Long
2D and 3D films available

NOTE:  Again, it's best to purchase tickets online and also select which seats you'd like.

Yuen Long Cinema

Concession Stand

House 1

The Avengers:  Age of Ultron was all right.  It was a good summer blockbuster.  I would definitely recommend it to people who want a fun-action-packed movie.  And I would also definitely recommend watching a movie at one of the smaller scaled cinemas every once in awhile.