Friday, May 22, 2015

Lunch & Art

The days are getting hotter and I find myself gravitating towards being indoors with the air conditioners.  Though, that too may be a bit uncomfortable, as the air conditioners are often too high and the relief to be outdoors is sometimes the better option.

Today, I spent a bit of time both indoors and outdoors.  I met a friend in Tsim Sha Tsui East (TST East) for some Indian cuisine.  Our goal was to basically try out Souther Indian foods, as we had recently attended a Southern Indian dance recital.

She suggested Sangeetha.

I ordered the Mini Tiffin set.  Tiffin, when I looked it up, was an Indian word describing a light midday meal, like afternoon tea.  It was a good set, which was actually quite filling for me.  I couldn't finish the meal, but I do have a smaller appetite than most.  

The Mini Tiffin set came with uppma/pongal, idly (which was my second favorite), medhu vada, a mini masala dosa and sheera (which was my top favorite in this set).

We also ordered a sweet lassi and mango lassi.

I can't recall what my friend ordered, but she got a dosa.

Overall, my experience at Sangeetha was amazing.  The food was awesome, the service was awesome, and the view was lovely.

After lunch, I headed over to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, mostly to get out of the hot sun, but also to see what exhibit was being showcased.

The first exhibit I ventured into was called "All Are Guests:  Homecoming."  The artists that were being featured, Leung Mee Ping, Chow Chun Fai, and CoLab x SLOW, were contributors to the Liverpool Biennial (2012).

My favorite featured artist was Lee Mee Ping's "Out of Place" installation.  She showcased videos of her following around a single person or a few people (and also a sacred cow) as the focal point of her videos.  It was awesome to sit and watch how these people drifted in society.  There was one man, whom she followed in Wan Chai, that was walking so slowly from one side of the road to the other.  It was interesting to see how people moved around him at such a fast pace, but he remained at his slow pace.

One of the more lively videos for me was when Lee Mee Ping was focusing on two homeless men on the streets of Japan.  One man, who must have been drunk, was crossing the street and then passing out on the street.  Three pedestrians dragged the man to the sidewalk and then left.  Then someone must have called the police to deal with this man.  And the police sort of just picked him up…and had him go on his way.

It's just fascinating to see how people react to people.  

I'm not sure when this exhibit started showing or when it will finish, but I definitely recommend checking out Lee Mee Ping's "Out of Place."

The second fascinating exhibit was "So…Soap!" by CoLAB x SLOW.  CoLAB x SLOW brought together a social enterprise (that produced liquid soap) with art.  They made a short film showing how the soap was made locally at the grassroots level.  And then, with a camera hidden in the basin of a portable sink, they went around having people on the streets wash their hands with the soap.

It was quite lovely to see how people reacted to being asked to try the hand soap.  I think it was the smiles and the reactions people got to being asked that really made me appreciate this exhibit.

***Some shots of All Are Guests:  Homecoming***

The second exhibition gallery that I visited at the Hong Kong Art Museum was the "Tempting Touch" exhibit.

This exhibit featured wooden sculptures by Hong Kong artist Tong King Sum.  There was one group of sculptures that were of torsos of the human body.  I was reading the pamphlet and it noted how Tong King Sum used live models to sculpt how the human body's muscles and skin reacted to gravity in different positions.  These wooden sculptures were so beautifully realistic that they were really captivating to see.

***Some shots from Tempting Touch:  The Art of Tong King Sum***

Spending time in TST and TST East are always relaxing and quite fun.  TST East sort of reminds me of Seattle.  There are small blocks and a mix of financial buildings, hotels, malls, small shops, restaurants, bars, and museums in this district.  There is also a fountain in TST East that reminds of of the Seattle Center fountain!

If you are someone who likes a good meal and a walk through a museum, spending time down in TST is a wonderful few hours.  It's especially a great way to spend a weekday afternoon.

View from the Hong Kong Museum of Art