Monday, May 11, 2015

Skating Yuen Long's Industrial Area

If it weren't for us shipping our rollerblades back to Hong Kong, we would have never really taken it upon us to explore the Tung Tau Industrial area of Yuen Long.  Over the weekend, we went to the OTHER SIDE of the Long Ping MTR Station and took to one of the biking lanes around that area.

There are a lot of big industrial buildings in the Tung Tau Industrial Area, like the San Miguel Brewery.

I wonder if they give tours.

That's what my father would probably be saying.

Actually, when we used to take road trips over summer holidays, we used to all get in to the van and look out for tourist attraction signs.  I remember discovering the Jelly Belly Factory tour down in California that way.
A Bus Barn

A Beverage Building
Because it was the weekend, there was absolutely no traffic and no people around the Industrial area…apart from a few weekend workers who were smoking outside.  But, there were no bikers on the trails, which was awesome because we had the trails to ourselves.

Though the roads are a bit covered in debris and are bumpy in a few areas, it was a pretty all right ride. It was at quite a slow pace because we had to watch out for the debris.  But, along the way, there are quite a few interesting things to see.  So, quite a scenic route.

A Shrine at the Side of the Parking Lot

Parked Semi-s

A Roof Top Garden
The Tung Tau Industrial Area is a ways away from the core of the town, but some of the street signs we passed were Wang Lee Street and Wang Lok Street.  They are easily viewable on Google Maps!  These routes went pretty straight for a few blocks before intersecting with another street or dead ending.

Main Road Back to the Long Ping MTR Station

On the way back to the Long Ping MTR Station, there is a village that separates the Tung Tau Industrial Area from the main part of Yuen Long.  It's a good landmark for getting your bearings back to the MTR Station.

NOTE:  This area goes from sidewalk to really cracked up biking trails.  It's probably the area that we had to be the most careful of not tripping over concrete.

The Yuen Long "River" is also down along this street back to the Long Ping MTR Station.  We crossed over to skate around that area and check out if there were good biking trails to skate on.

Like most of the trails around here, they are pretty choppy, so you have to really take the time to wander around and see where they lead to.

It was a good morning's exploration.

Illegally Riding in the Waterway
Overall Thoughts:

1.  The Industrial Area doesn't make for a great skate if you like going faster than walking pace

2.  There is some debris and cracks along the biking paths

3.  The trail isn't so continuous, so you would have to skate on the roads or sidewalks

4.  It was a good workout

5.  It was interesting to see what the Industrial Area was about

Th Long Ping Estate
Afterwards, we headed over to the Yuen Long West Bus Terminus for some good ole congee and rice rolls.  This is the same place that has a dai pai dong in the evenings.

The menu is basic, cheap, and cheerful.

The atmosphere is cool and quiet.

The rice rolls are pretty good…especially when doused in soy sauce and other condiments.

The congee fills the stomach to satisfaction.

It's always fun to treat yourself to a fun meal after a morning's exercise.