Friday, May 8, 2015

The Village Life

While I was walking to the other side of Yuen Long today, I was distracted by an array of flags blowing in the wind.

I decided to take a little stroll towards the flags.  Turns out, they were pointing me towards Nam Pin Wai village, which is right below the Yuen Long MTR Station.

There is a pretty big courtyard or urban park right in front of the village, where I often see kids kicking soccer balls around.  It also looks like a pretty nice, flat area for skating practice.

On the side, there is a beautifully tiled gazebo, where I sometimes see old men sitting and talking in the afternoons.

Walking towards the village, I started wondering how life would be like living in this village.

As I drew nearer, I noticed a huge sign that signified the grand opening of something.  I love seeing these around town.  Some even have lights that run along the edges and make Yuen Long seem a bit more festive in the evenings.

I also love seeing flags like these out because they always signify a celebration of some sort.

Nam Pin Wai is one of Yuen Long's walled villages.  The houses are so incredibly close together that I sometimes think they were built connected to one another.

I wouldn't mind living within the walls of this village…maybe.  There is a bit of romanticism with that thought.

There is so much beauty when looking at Nam Pin Wai.  As an outsider looking in, I see the marbled rails, lion guardians, ancient pillars, and ornate tiling of the gateway and think how lovely it must be to pass through every morning.

I know for sure that I love to walk around the area, check out the beautifully old-styled houses and wonder about the inhabitants of the village…

But, could I live in this type of village?  Do I have what it takes to live the village life?

As I walked away…I thought, "You never know unless you try…"  Perhaps, we should try our hand at living the village life?  Maybe life will take us that way?  Who knows...

And…this village, in particular, is quite close to the MTR.