Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amazing Finds: 1970s World's Fair in Ibaraki

Current City:  Kyoto

In between Kyoto and Osaka, is a massive commemorative park that once was home to the 1970s World's Fair.  This was a good all day trip to the Ibaraki area.  From the train windows, the first thing I saw was this massive statue peering over the trees.  

1.  He was the first amazing find of the day.

2.  The little train that ran through the park was a great way to get an overview of the facilities.  There were points where you can hop on and off the train.  They really gave a good tour...

3.  Speaking of tulips!  There was an area of the park that was covered in tulips!  People were out photographing them.  Just so lovely to find.

4.  One of the fun bits of the day was finding this flea market.  I love me some flea market!  There were so many knick-knacks.  And it was a great place to find little gifts for my family.

5.  The last amazing find was the National Museum of Ethnology.  This was perhaps the most amazing museum that I have been to in my life.  It's massive.  It's so informative.  The displays were so awesome.  We also got a free audio tour set.

This was totally a great day of seeing a lot, but giving our feet a good rest.