Sunday, May 18, 2014

Origami Fixation

Since returning from Japan, I have had origami on my mind.  

I remember first making things in Elementary School.  We did the paper crane project, which I think a lot of schools do even now!  We were learning about World War II at the time.  There was a story that we had read about a girl who was sick.  This was after the atomic bomb had dropped.  Her friend had folded her a paper crane.  If this sick girl could fold a thousand cranes, she could get a wish from the gods.  The most memorable part of the story was that she passed away just shy of a thousand cranes.  But, that was the first complicated thing I folded.

Before I even started Elementary School, my sister and I learned to fold loads of things out of the morning newspapers:  hats, boats, frogs, airplanes!

The last time I made origami anything was a few Christmases ago.  I made little modular boxes in place of wrapping little gifts.

I thought I would venture into this hobby again and make some origami boxes.  

So, I went online and found some really great tutorials! 

Candy Shaped Box and Hexagon Box

THIS is my PRIDE AND JOY!  It took an A4 sized paper to make (Letter Sized)

They are the perfect size for little gifts!

This is truly a current love!