Thursday, May 1, 2014

Amazing Finds: Coin Laundry

Current City:  Kyoto

The amazing find of the morning has been this 24 hour coin laundry shop.  Because this trip is of the Backpacking nature, it was about that time to refresh our clothing supply.  Our hostel directed us to this coin laundry shop and it made me think about how wonderful Japan is!

In Hong Kong, we usually take our loads of laundry down to the laundromat.  The woman is always telling me in Cantonese, "Cantonese is such a hard language to learn."  The point is, there is always a human-to-human interaction.

This place had a surveillance camera  and a phone number if you wanted to contact anyone for assistance.  But, other than that, it was just us and the machines.  

The most awesome of machines was this red one (featured below).  You could select a full or half load, the detergent and softener were added by the machine automatically, and it was speedy. 

I appreciated the signage.

I definitely appreciated the English signage.

I wish I had one of these 24 hour shops near my place in Hong Kong.