Friday, July 15, 2016

China Beach Club, Mui Wo

Living so near the beach is such a joy!  If I am in the mood for a dip in the water, I can just hop in without having to travel on a bus for an hour to get there.  If I am in the mood for just tanning on the sand, I can just walk out a few minutes, lay a blanket down, and fester in the wonderful rays of the Mui Wo sun.  I'm definitely feeling like I am still on my perpetual holiday.  

I am also still enjoying exploring a lot of where I live…one inch at a time!  I love the island life!

There is a really nice walkway along Silvermine Bay beach.  It runs along the coast, past a barbecue pit area, two mini hotels and towards one of my favorite (thus far) eateries in Mui Wo:  China Beach Club.  

The China Beach Club is found at the "end of the beach."  The blue, yellow and red awnings make it easy to find.  There's also a sign advertising China Beach Club's homemade apple crumble.  The restaurant is up the stairs and has a wonderful veranda view of the beach...

The first time I stepped into the Club, it made me feel like I was in Panama City.  It must be the furniture…or maybe the eclectic decor…but, the place has a really nice vibe to it.

Because I first went here with friends, they suggested a few of their favorite dishes to try.

The number one item on our order was a pitcher of Pimms.  It's hot out these days, as I have complained about almost daily!  So, it was quite refreshing to get a cold pitcher of anything but dull water.

My favorite dish we ordered was the barbecued prawns.  There's just something about being able to be hands on with your food that makes eating it more enjoyable!  These prawns were really the highlight of my luncheon…though all of the dishes were great…this dish really spurred my interest in eating prawns again…and, since having these shrimp, I've been ordering more seafood to broaden my Mui Wo Food repertoire.

The second dish we got was moussaka, which I had never had before.  It's a mediterranean dish that was filled with egg plant.  It was really nice…and I'm a big fan of egg plant.  We also ordered a Greek Salad, but the moussaka actually came with a side of Greek Salad too.  

So, if you do want to order a separate salad…maybe ask if any of the dishes came with a complimentary side of salad…then ask…if it's Greek…then you can be sure not to double order on the salad.  (This was probably not that interesting…but, I am a salad person…so, I would rather test out two different salads that overloading on one type).

The fries were highly recommended and were probably the best fries that I'd had this decade!

Fun Fact:  When I was in high school, my friends and I would always head to one of the many fast food joints around our school.  I think I must have taste-tested everything off of everyone's menus throughout my high school career.  If asked, back then, which restaurant's fries I thought was the best…I would have said, "Jack in the Box's fries totally were the best."  I wonder if I would still think that they are the best!

For dessert, there was no other option but for us to order the infamous apple crumble, which came with vanilla ice cream and custard on the side.  This totally made the entire luncheon feel like a magnificently PERFECT luncheon.

Everything about today was amazing…the food, the location, the vibe and the company.