Monday, July 18, 2016

Dragons and Bites

Today was a busy day in the city of Seattle as thousands of people were bustling around the city taking in the sights of Dragon Fest, enjoying the fried confections at the bite of Seattle and of course, most importantly, trying to catch Pikachu. 

We started our day walking to Dragon Fest which was being celebrated in the International District

My girlfriend had her phone out at the beginning of the walk flicking pokeballs at the animal-esque creatures suddenly showing up on her screen. She wasn’t alone, the first pedestrian we came across was catching them too, as well as a family who was walking across the Jose Rizal bridge.

Once we made our way to the festival, it was time to celebrate a different fantastic and majestic creature, the dragon. 

We made it to the main stage just in time to see the opening act, dragons dancing to the drum. The performance was truly only a warmup for the main act later in the day, but it fulfilled our desire to see the dance. 

We arrived at Dragon Fest around 11:45am, and the festival was not fully set up yet. We walked around the booths and found a really cute, steam punk hat for a young child and were tempted to buy one, but the price drove us away. The booths were “the same that they ever was.” 

The only booth most people seemed to care about was the McDonald’s booth as the line stretched an entire city block. Why do people wait so long for some free soggy French fries? A question only answerable by a wiser man than me.

After Dragon Fest, we walked to the Bite of Seattle on the other side of downtown. The walk was enjoyable, but fairly absent of pokemon. After a quick sidebar to the spice shop, we made it to the incredibly crowded festival. Our throats were parched by this point and we refreshed with strawberry lemonade. We walked around the booths, but were disappointed with the lethargic offerings. The highlight was seeing the chef in the hat, Thierry Rautereau, introduce a young Japanese chef who owned and ran his own restaurant on Capitol Hill.

After leaving the bite, we took the bus back to the International District to pick up some spinach to complete our dinner. We caught another bus home after catching some more pokemon. All in all, a successful, mostly sunny, if not all that warm day in Seattle full of mystical creatures, festivals and food.

Blog Post written by Ryan G.  Photos by Sarah C.  Thanks guys!