Friday, July 22, 2016

Homecoming Barbecue

We're back in Seattle for the summer!  Here begins another series on Things To Do in Seatown.  If you are in the city (or around the city) and are wondering what you can do here, please check out the link.  It's a small, but mighty list…that is growing and growing!

The summer time is the best time to visit Seattle, if you are into fine, sunny weather (on a rare occasion will it rain!).  It's the time of year when it is the most comfortable for me to go hiking, canoeing, rollerblading, island hopping, visiting the local farmer's markets…or anything outdoors.

As a Welcome-Back-For-The-Summer gathering, we hosted a barbecue at our house…

Who knew that a trip to Costco for some frozen burger patties, mayo and giant sesame buns could be deemed as an exciting excursion?  I haven't been home for a little over a year, but every time just seems like a half and half.  I'm feeling half comforted by all the familiar things around me.  But those familiar things are half exhilaratingly different to happen upon again.

I mean, I've been to Costco half a thousand times, but just walking around with a massive cart and checking out everything in bulk just seems so American to me.  Before…though I probably never thought about it…it was just how it was!

Even driving around the neighborhood just seems so American!  Hahah, with everyone brandishing their Mariners, Seahawks…Sounder flags on their porches.  Or sightseeing the neighborhood garage sales.  Things like this I've truly missed.

One thing I was looking forward to was digging into one of the pies that my mother had baked.

My parents had told me about these pre-made pies that they had discovered over the past year.  They'd gone to a friend's house and had tried a pie that was pretty nice.  These friends got to talking about how they'd had a friend who had discovered this pie place down in Kent through another friend.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising!

This friend was skeptical of telling my folks about the location of this pie place.  My parents thought it was because these pies were probably top secret, due to the price their friend claimed of the 8 inch pie was $1 USD.

Eventually, a little band of them (other friends at that dinner party included!) went down to the Kent pie place together (will blog about soon!), picked up a bunch of pies for $1 USD and continued being loyal customers til this day.

So, you can see how this backstory really intrigued my interest for indulging in these pies!

Ah, there's something so wonderful about being back home! 

Truly, the Seattle Summer is my favorite time of year! 

Looking forward to seeing what we can get up to this summer!

Stay posted!