Monday, July 4, 2016

Muji to Go

When did Muji to Go open in the Central Station???

Things change so much in Hong Kong…and new shops open all of the time!

I love Muji…

Muji has a minimalist type of style to it.  It's a Japanese-based franchise that sells a lifestyle:  clothing, stationery, furniture, and snacks.  It's one of the shops that I remember quite well from living in Japan.  I used to visit Muji when I was down in the train station malls (which are the most awesome malls I have ever been too).

I especially like the Muji to Go at the Hong Kong International Airport because it always has stuff that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED (night lights or air purifiers!!!)  and also stuff that YOU MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN TO PACK (toothbrush or scarf).

Whenever I'm at the airport, I always stop in there to just pass the time…and, as a good consequence, always find a bunch of little things that I FEEL I NEED:  stationery!!!

It's pretty awesome that it opened up in the Central/Hong Kong Island MTR Station.  I feel like I'm gonna be stopping by this shop every time I head over there…on my way to the IFC Mall!