Monday, July 11, 2016

Playing on the Playground

When I was really young, I remember my dad driving us to school really early in the morning.  There was a swing set right next to the parking lot.  We would swing and play around the area and see the sun rise sometimes.  One day, someone walked up to us and told us that they'd been listening to us swinging on this rusty swings for days now.  It had woken that person up like an alarm clock!

After that, we didn't play on the swings, but just sat in the car…

When I switched schools, my dad told me that I had to make new friends.  When I asked him, "how?"  He said, "Just walk up to someone and ask them if they wanted to be my friend."  At recess at my new school, I walked up to some girl that I had noticed in my class and asked her, "Do you want to be my friend?"  She said, "Sure."  I spent the rest of the recess hour just following her around on the monkey bars, slides, etc.  When the bell rang she turned around and said, "Stop following me around!"

Fond fond memories!  Ha!

Anyhow, I was checking out my new neighborhood and noticed that the playground (which wasn't here when I first visited Mui Wo back in the day) was up and running.

The sign says that it's meant for children 5 - 12, but I think I can get away with having a swing now and then! 

***View of the Mui Wo Playground***