Monday, July 25, 2016

Des Moines Waterfront

The summer is the best time to visit the farmers markets around the Seattle area.  We are staying down in Des Moines with family right now.  So, driving around, I couldn't help spotting signs for the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market down at the Marina.

Fun Fact:  The Des Moines Marina has a nice path nearby that is great for skating.  It's called the Des Moines Creek Trail.  It also has a bunch of magicarp (pokemon) in the stream that runs along the trail.

When we got to the farmers market, everyone was pretty much still setting up, so we decided to walk around the Marina.  

The Des Moines Marina is where you can find boat moorages, launches and refueling spots.  There is also a paddleboat/kayak rental place on one of the docks.  When my folks first moved up here, they used to take out-of-town guests down to the Marina to watch the boats launch.

My father, being someone who really likes to talk story with the locals, used to ask all kinds of questions of the people who were launching their boats.  There were people that he met from Australia who were docking their boats there for the week.  I used to think that it was such a great retirement plan to sail the world after hearing that.

The marina is a really nice place to hangout.  It's also the place where I first thought about creating a blog!  Every time I come back to Seattle, I take a trip down to my folks' home and walk along the Marina.  The crisp Pacific Northwest air feels so refreshing.  And the aroma of the Puget Sound is so lovely!  I feel so lucky to be able to live in a place so beautiful!

We ended up just skimming through the farmers market…but I might go back as the summer ends.  There may be more to see and do in a few weeks.