Monday, September 26, 2016

Airport Nursing Room

Some days, I just wish I could head down to the mall and visit the Daiso!

But, alas, we're back in Hong Kong and the nearest Daiso (Jusco Living Plaza as it is known here) is at the airport.  In Terminal 2, there is a Jusco Living Plaza located on the upper level, where you can find all the lovely 12 HKD things that you need to make your small-house living more convenient!

I made the trip over because I have a special DIY project going on…which I will blog about in a few days!!  Please stay tuned.

Anyhow, this blog isn't going to be about Daiso…or DIY projects.  I actually want to add another nursing room post to this blog because it's always good to see what Hong Kong has to offer in the nursing room department.

Jusco and this nursing room are located in Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport!

Terminal 2 is packed with shops, restaurants and the IMAX theater.  It also has a few nursing rooms available for people with babies.

Upon first entering the little space, there was a huge bit of wall paper on one side of the room.  It was not as glamourous as some other nursing rooms (Shatin's Ikea!), but it did give me the nice little comfort in knowing that the airport cared to decorate a bit!

There is a private room where mothers can go to nurse, which is awesome because then another person could be out in the main area changing their kid or feeding them a bottle.

Inside the breastfeeding room, there is a comfy chair, sink and trash bin.  It's also nice and quiet (without music blaring).

The main area of the nursing room is for your basic, change and feed.

ONE THING I always wonder about nursing rooms (maybe this is just the ones I have been to in Hong Kong) is why they NEVER HAVE A TOILET in there.  Instead of nursing rooms being specifically just for a change and a feed, it would be nice to be able to also get a "little relief" for yourself sometimes.

There are family rooms, though…which I have yet to actually check out…I suspect that maybe family rooms might have toilets attached to the change and feed areas??  If anyone knows, do let me know!

The main feeding and changing area is equipped with some pretty basic things, like a milk bottle warmer…

I have not used one of these things…but it seemed nice to have the instructions posted right above the warmers!

The basic diaper changing pod was also there.  Equipped with the much needed buckles to strap down a squirming babe!

There is also a sink, TOILET PAPER (without an attached toilet!) for sopping up spills (I believe), soap to wash your hands with and a trash bin for diapers.

There were all the basics and a little touch of comfort.  I think that the airport has a pretty good nursing room.  It's very Hong Kong…as in, the nursing room is all business.  Ha!  It's good to know that it is in Terminal 2, if anyone was stuck in a rut and needed a place to change a dirty diaper!

I had touched on this before, but a few great websites to take a gander at…when in Hong Kong…and when in the need of a nursing room:

BB GAGA is my favorite thus far because it goes by districts!  Like, when I am in Causeway Bay, I always see where I can find a nursing room.  It's a fun way to see the city and also discover new places.

Hopefully, this post gives some of you a good preview of what to expect when you are in Terminal 2 and need a nursing room.