Friday, September 9, 2016

So Long Seattle Summer

So long Seattle!
Fighting jet lag was a well waged battle
To be able to walk your streets, speak to your people and ride your Joe Metro bus
You and your summer sun have been good to us.

We'll be back when winter passes and spring ends...
To spend time with much missed family and reconnect with friends.

Before we leave you and shutter goodbyes,
We drive along downtown with watering eyes

Seeing the buildings I've known for most my life for one last time

Smelling the saltiness of the Sound for one last time

Feeling the warm breeze and Seattle vibe for one last time

Touching the steering wheel of my high school car for one last time

And hearing Kiss 106.1 for one last time…

So long Seattle…
We're off to Hong Kong
Though homesickness will hit me, for you, I will try to stay strong!

***Driving one last time through Seattle, Downtown***