Friday, September 16, 2016

Nursing Room: CWB Ikea

The Nursing Room in Shatin's Ikea totally impressed me…since moving to Mui Wo, we've switched to frequenting the Causeway Bay Ikea instead.  It's easier to access too…just hop on the ferry into Central and straight onto the MTR to Causeway Bay.  

Today's blog post is a view into the Causeway Bay Ikea's nursing room.

Firstly, to access the nursing room, you will have to ask an employee.  The nursing room is located right at the bottom of the escalators down into Ikea (right next to the STANDING cafe area).
There are two private nursing rooms.  Both are equipped with a comfy little chair, pillow to use for support, blanket, little shelving area and a tissue box.  I'm guessing that the blanket could be used as a nursing cover or maybe to wrap baby up!

The shelving area, in my opinion, is totally too small for all the stuff I (and maybe some other mothers out there) have to lug around!  But, it's sufficient enough to put a mobile phone or a bottle of water on top…diaper bags and whatnot can be placed on the floor (but I'd rather not!).  The pull out compartments, though…are really nice to slide stuff into for temporary means, but my diaper bag is just too big to fit comfortably into this space.

The main area of the nursing room is really nice…dim lighting and a comfy little bench to place baby and diaper bags on.

There is one changing table, which makes me think that not a lot of people visit this nursing room.  But, it has a cute Ikea mobile and also night lights to entertain the baby while you change them.  There is also storage at the bottom to put your stuff, which is good...

The cool thing is that there is also a hot water dispenser for quenching your thirst and also for mixing formula.  I'm not sure if it is as hygienic as it could be, but at least it is there if you forget to bring cool boiled water with you to Ikea.

There is also a pretty big diaper bin, which is always a dire necessity of any nursing/changing room.

I really like how this nursing room is quite quiet and comfy.  The dim lighting is perfect for relaxing from an arduously people-crowded walk from the Causeway Bay MTR station exit.  It's also available for families to rest, change babies in.  Though…the nursing rooms are probably exclusively for nursing mothers.

As with the Shatin Ikea's nursing room, the sitting area (bench) was my favorite part.  It's just so trendy looking.  I really dig both of the nursing room's choice of bench decor!  It's attractive to babies as well, or mine!  It's also a nice little space where a baby can roll around or crawl on (under close parental supervision, though).

The coolest thing about the Causeway Bay Ikea's nursing room is that the bench pulls out and there are toys available for play in the bins.  I'm not one to let my little one munch on anything, but…if he wasn't a muncher, I'd let him play with some of these toys.  There is always a novelty associated with playing with something temporarily, right?

But, for older kids, these toys are definitely quite fun to play with…and, like all of the things in this nursing room, can be found right in store. Haha…I love how Ikea markets in their nursing rooms!

My nursing room afterthoughts…

1.  There is a lot of colors and patterns that make this nursing room quite attractive!

2.  The lighting and mood make the experience quite calming.

3. It is a bit old and neglected feeling, though.  I'm not sure if there is a daily cleaning of the room…but it does feel a bit dirty compared to the Shatin nursing room.