Monday, September 5, 2016

Seattle P Patch

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Community Garden at the Marvista Park in Normandy Park.  As long as I've known, this Community Garden has been there.  Around the Seattle area, there have always been quite a bit of community gardens... long before Michelle Obama made them popular.  It is something that I really love about Seattle.  THE GREENNESS of the people!

During our holidays, we spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill.  It's got a lot of great places to eat, a great second hand book shop to roam through and a lot of my friends that live in its hovels!

It's a great district to just walk around, enjoy the Seattle summer sun and take a sit in one of the official P Patches.

This particular P Patch is located on Summit Ave and E John St.  This P Patch really inspired me to get my act together on my own home garden in Hong Kong.  There was such a beautiful variety of vegetables and flowers. 

The artichokes, in particular, was something that I thought I might try.

I'm not someone who is that good with growing produce from the seed, but I have tried.  The only thing that survived from my green thumbing was my basil plants.  They petered off though…after the harsh winter we had last February.

I am thinking that I might check out Mong Kok's Flower Market to see what plants I might try growing from wee things.

If you seek inspiration on starting your own garden, here are some photos of the Summit Slope Park P Patch.

***A View of one of Capitol Hill's P Patches***