Monday, September 19, 2016

Mui Wo Market

Most districts have a wet market, which is a building that has a combination of household goods, foods, and other odds and ends.  I think of them as the main shopping area of the days of old.  In Yuen Long, the wet market was called Tai Kiu Market.  It was conveniently located near the library and surrounded by a bunch of outdoor produce vendors.  It was where I used to get all of my produce, especially hot pot stuff!

Similarly, Mui Wo's Market is located right next to the public library and Rural Committee Road (the old school center of Mui Wo…and Lantau, some friends have told me).  Mui Wo's Market is quite small and seems less frequented than the Yuen Long wet market, but I suspect it is because there is a Wellcome and Fusion supermarket near the ferry pier.  And, perhaps, those supermarkets are just more preferred.

What can you find in the Mui Wo Market:

1.  If you are a green thumb, you can find pots, soil, seeds, gardening tools and plants!

2.  If you need drapes, you can get them here!

3.  You can get seafood, whatever is available that morning.

4.  Vegetables and fruits can be bought here.

5.  Meats can be bought here: pork, chicken and beef for sure...

6.  In the need for some super casual clothes?  You can find some here.

Though the market is quite small, there are a lot of basic things that you can get here:  Food, clothing, and shelter!