Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY: Wall Art

I love having colorful, mood-altering, and inspirational things to look at up on my walls.  Since moving into this apartment, I've slowly, over the years, painted different canvasses and hung them up on my walls.  On a rainy day, it's nice to look at the rainbow umbrellas and beach scenes.  On hot summer days, it is nice to look at a bit of the Seattle rain!

I'm not a professional, but who cares!  I do like to paint because it makes the wall art in my own home seem more special.  My husband and I like our living room, in particular, to be our creative space.  And it definitely is getting there!

My first Art Jam painting, which I did in Sheung Wan

My obsession with umbrellas

My sister and I did this Pacific Northwest themed painting

A fun painting of my husband and I
The new addition to our creative space is this Seattle's Pike's Place Market/Monkey Latte Art duo.  My sister and I started on the Seattle theme over the December holidays, so I thought I would add more to our creative space.

I first sketched what I wanted

I then set up my work area

I painted the background and overall colors first, which sort of defeated the purpose of my original sketches

I added details, which I was inspired from online photos and other works of art

The results after drying overnight
If you want something therapeutic...to pass the time...or to get your creative juices flowing, try painting!