Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Fridays: Secondhand Book Swap

Firstly, I am a Kindle lover.  But, there are just some books that haven't been made electronic yet.  Which is what brings me to blog today!

There are a number of really great secondhand bookshops in this City:

1.  Flow (1A Wing On building, 38 Hollywood Road, Central)
2.  Collectables (2/F, 11 Queen Victoria Street, Central)
3.  The Bookshop (Shop E, Silver Centre, Silvermine Bay, Lantau)
4.  Read Books HK online (

There are more, for sure, but these are the ones that I most frequent.  Today, was the first time that I actually did a book swap.  I contacted Jo, the owner of Read Books, and asked her how the book swap worked.  Basically, she said that every one of my books would bring in $5 (Hong Kong Dollars).  Most of her books are $50 for General Fiction.  So, if I wanted one of her books, I would have to swap 10 of my own for one of Jo's.  

I chose to swap three of my books, which equaled $15, and payed $35 out of pocket to get one of the books that I had been eyeing in her inventory.

We met in Central and that was that!

The books that I said goodbye to

Just wanted to share what a lovely cloudy day it was today

The book I'm saying hello to
I really wanted to read A Good Yarn because:
1.  The protagonist is named Lydia (like myself)
2.  The setting is in Seattle (my second hometown)

I can't wait to see what this book is about.  I suspect it might make me homesick, but the book swap was a really great experience.  Jo was incredibly nice, on-time, and offered to put me on her mailing list.  Overall, I can't wait to swap books again, since I am trying to move all of my reading materials electronic.