Monday, March 31, 2014

Eats Week: Tofu Fa @ Nam Sang Wai

The second installment of Eats Week is going to be the cute little tofu fa places that you find along hiking trails or great-outdoor spaces.  The closest outdoor trail for us in Yuen Long is Nam Sang Wai.  This path runs along the wetlands of the New Territories, is a great smooth skate, is ideal for photographers and birdwatchers, has a fun boat ride and picnic area at one end, and is a great area to explore in general.  It takes you out of the city and right into a beautiful bit of Hong Kong.

An easy way to get here is to catch a taxi from Yuen Long MTR station.

An alterative route from Yuen Long:
1.  From Yuen Long MTR exit G
2.  Walk to the bus station downstairs
3.  Get on 76K
4.  Get off the bus at the Hong Mo Kiu stop
5.  From this point...I thought it best to share another blog's directions with photos

You'll know you are in Nam Sang Wai because you are traveling along Nam Sang Wai Road
The tofu fa place we frequent along Nam Sang Wai Road

The tofu fa
Tofu fa is a sweet type of tofu.  Most people sprinkle red sugar on it for a little zing.  You can opt to have it cold or warm.  This particular tofu fa place is a beautiful little oasis along Nam Sang Wai.  It sits on a little dock, under the canopy of trees, and filled with an eclectic collection of tables and chairs.  The owners are always so nice and are open for a friendly chat.

This tofu fa place also sells bowls of noodles, drinks, specially teas, and other snacks (above Malt Cracker Snack!)
Beyond having this little pitstop along Nam Sang Wai, the area towards the village has a little meadow and picnic area.  During the off season, it is lovely!  But, during tourist season, we often find ourselves picking up left over potato chip bags, candy wrappers, and plastic bags!  There are trash bins next to the two portable toilets along the way.  There are also trash bins along the entire picnic area, so you can always dispose of your trash there.

A skateboard's view of the Nam Sang Wai area
Another skateboard's view of  the Nam Sang Wai area
Nam Sang Wai area

This particular tofu fa place is a really great resting point.  You can also take your tofu fa TO GO!