Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Fridays: Eye Contact

Today, for the first time, I am going to make the conscious effort to give people the eye contact they deserve.  Hopefully, I can start training myself from this day forward...  Why?

Firstly, I think that my lack of offering eye contact to others stems from my introverted personality.  Those days when I do feel quite extroverted are when I am mostly likely working.  I feel most confident in what I do on those days, thusly, I freely extend eye contact.  On other days, I'm meeting new people on a much smaller scale and on a more intimate level.  I feel quite unsure of myself, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar with the new situation.  On these days, I notice that I do not have the best conversational eyes!

Eye contact, I feel, is so important at times...

1.  It shows the person/people I am talking to respect, for one.
2.  It shows the person/people that I am interested in and listening to what they are saying.
3.  It shows the person/people that I am truly comfortable at being their friend.

There are more reasons, for sure.

How to train myself:
1.  Relax and breathe
2.  Focus on one eye
3.  Listen with my eyes and not with my nodding

That's a start.