Sunday, March 16, 2014

Over The Weekend: Yuen Long Eats #1

Yuen Long is know for food.  Since living out here for the past few years, I have found my share of favorited-frequented establishments.  One place that I love because of the quick service is Beijing Shui Gau, which is located right at the Yuen Long West Bus Terminus.  It's shui gau (Cantonese), jiaozi (Mandarin), or dumpling in English...

Yuen Long West Bus Terminus

Beijing Shui Gau 
It was my time in Beijing that really got me hooked on shui gau (jiaozi).  It was THE THING to eat on a cold day and they came in so many flavors.  But, the best shui gau, in my humble opinion, is the leek and pork variety.  The easy thing about Beijing Shui Gau is that they have "sets," which is a bowl of the leek and pork shui gau with a cup of soy milk.

The menu is all in Chinese, so take someone who can read Chinese with you or just play roulette with the menu

Everything is made fresh and hot

The place is small, but people are always in and out like a flash

Leek and Pork Shui Gau (Leek and Pork Dumplings)

Baby Bok Choy

Siu Long Bao (Pork Dumplings with soup inside)
A great place to check out and feel like a local!