Friday, September 12, 2014

Amazing Finds: Childhood Books

Over the summer, I had the time to go around and visit the book fairs and also check out the secondhand book shops.  And, over the summer, I started a mini collection of books.  I bought some books that I had read in childhood and was inspired to reread.  And I bought a few books to give as gifts for my friends who have little kids (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READS FROM AUNT LYDIA).  I have been slowly reading through some of them and just reliving the good times when I would sit in my room and read the afternoons away.

I think, if I hadn't seen these titles, I wouldn't have remembered much of what I read during childhood...or have ever thought about the books that I had read during childhood:

1.  Bridge to Terabithia
2.  The Hundred Dresses
3.  Sarah, Plain and Tall
4.  All of Beverly Cleary's books
5.  The Wind and the Willows
6.  Tuck Everlasting
7.  The Giver
8.  All of Madeleine L'Engle's books

I'm a Kindle User, definitely, but there is just something about having a book in your hands...