Monday, September 1, 2014

Amazing Finds: History Museum

Today, I was down in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).  I had an hour to kill before an appointment and decided to take advantage of my Museum Pass and check out what the Museum of History had showing.

Exhibit details
The main exhibit was about archeological findings in Lingnan.  The things that were the most interesting, though, were the pottery, ceramics, and jewelry pieces.  I thought I would highlight some amazing finds:

1.  Here is a piece of pottery that totally reminded me of Agricola.  I love that game.

2.  This jade container was so incredibly beautiful.  I was amazed that it was so intact.

3.  Usually, when I find myself enthralled by an archeological dig, it is because of the jewelry pieces that were discovered.  These beaded necklaces (below) inspired me to head over to Sham Shui Po and delve into the bead shops.  Beads and charm bracelets seem to be all the rage recently.

4.  Pottery and ceramics are my favorite things to look at also.  I snapped a few shots of my favorite pieces.  I loved how these were so dainty and beautifully glazed.  Again, it blew my mind how these items were as intact as they were, especially the designs.

5.  My interest was definitely peaked by how much detail was put into the construction of the buildings, especially.

It was nice to take a browse through history.