Monday, September 8, 2014

Pro-Pro Arts Fair

Over the weekend, I attended the Pro-Pro Arts Fair in Pui O (Lo Wai Village).  It was a fair that was meant to promote and showcase local artists. 

My favorite booth was quite possibly Fatima's booth (pictured below).  Mostly because I am a sucker for jewelry and also little pots, which are always useful to keep dainty things safe.  

My second favorite booth was also a jewelry stocked booth.  I am heavy into healing stones (which I might blog about in the future), so it was really great to discuss Annie's work.

Overall thoughts of the fair:

1.  I am always amazed at how much heart artists have for producing what they produce.  
2.  I feel like this fair had a handful of quirky booths, which I am always into checking out.
3.  It was such a lovely day to have a fair.
4.  The artists were all so lovely to chat with.
5.  I hope this fair becomes an ongoing event!