Thursday, September 4, 2014

Charlie Brown Cafe

I'm on a roll with the "Themed Cafe/Restaurants"!  Today is all about the Charlie Brown Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST).

[Cafe Location] 
58 - 60 Cameron Road, TST

[Cafe Hours] 
8:30 - 11 pm  (Fridays and Saturdays they open until 12:30 am)

[How to get there]
1.  From TST Exit B2, you will exit onto Cameron Road and Nathan Road
2.  Walk along Cameron Road 
3.  You'll see the Charlie Brown Cafe on your right 


The mini souvenir shop near the cash register

This place has a fast food kind of vibe

Window of the Kitchen

Lovely cakes

View from our seat looks down onto the street

Iced Apple Cinnamon Tea and the Charlie Brown Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Cesar Salad

Lychee Apple Shake N Tea

Entrance from Cameron Road
Mini Review:
The price was all right.  The food was all right.  Our sandwich was on the dry side.  Our salad was on the wet side (too much dressing).  The highlight of our meal had to be the teas.  I think I would probably not return unless someone really wanted to check it out.  I wouldn't mind.