Monday, September 22, 2014

Picnic in Hong Kong Park

Over the weekend, my husband and I opted for a picnic in Hong Kong Park.  The weather is mighty fine these days and the kids are all back in school, so the world seems so bright, shiny, and new again!

The awesome thing about Hong Kong Park is that it is literally connected to Pacific Place Mall by a set of escalators.  Because it is connected to Pacific Place, it's quite convenient to just grab something to eat down at the Great Supermarket and something to drink at the Starbucks under the escalators.  

Being a tourist (which I feel I still am even after living here for five years) with a camera, I thought I would share the food selection at Great.  It's always a luxury for me to stop off here because my local Park N Shop doesn't carry the selection that this supermarket does.

The deli 
The salad bar

The diet cherry coke 
The cake bar

The pizzeria

The italian 
The meats

A ride up the escalators to Hong Kong Park
I've been asking my friends recently if they still felt like a tourist.  Even though I have been working and living here for so long, I still feel like I'm just visiting.  I do like calling Hong Kong my home, but I also call Honolulu and Seattle my hometowns (depending on my mood and if I want to talk about family moves).

I think it's because I'm still exploring and can LITERALLY travel this city!

I'll leave this blog post with a great picnic spot that is:
1.  shady,
2.  overlooking a little fountain,
3.  and made us feel like we were in Rome.

I love the simple things in life!