Friday, September 19, 2014

Local Burger Joint

Nestled below the footbridge which connects Hung Hom to the MTR is a little local fast food joint that is famous for its burgers.  Sin Sun Fast Food is cheap and a fantastic way.  It also reminds me of Dick's...or, actually, any of the late night burger/pizza joints I would hang out at on The Ave after an evening of studying.

Sin Sun Fast Food Info:
G/F, 1A Whampao Street, Hung Hom
Open from 11 am - 9 pm

The amazingly affordable menu

The awards!

The footbridge to the Hung Hom MTR station
The joint was packed with customers, so we took our burgers to the footbridge...because everyone is entitled to have a little place to sit and enjoy their food.  We got the Double Burgers with Cheese and Egg.  I've tried everything on the menu by, ordering the burger with the most things on it is the way for me nowadays.

By the way, the weather is lovely nowadays...cooling down towards the evenings, so eating outdoors isn't as painful as usual!