Monday, September 15, 2014

Riding the Tram

I absolutely love the trams on Hong Kong Island.  They are an amusement ride in themselves (like riding the train around Disneyland).  This weekend, my husband and I were in Happy Valley, which was a great opportunity to take some photos of our ride on the tram back into Admiralty/Central.  

Tram rides, no matter how long or short, are consistently 2.40 HKD.  Of course, due to inflation, the price will probably increase as the years come by.

Looking out towards the Happy Valley Racecourse

Tram terminus in Happy Valley
The main trams run from:

1.  Shau Kei Wan   -->   Western Market
2.  Shau Kei Wan   -->   Happy Valley
3.  North Point        -->   Shek Tong Tsui
4.  Causeway Bay  -->   Shek Tong Tsui
5.  Happy Valley    -->   Kennedy Town
6.  Shau Kei Wan   -->   Kennedy Town

I'll leave you with a view of Hong Kong as we passed by it in the tram.  (My third gif attempt!)