Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day @ The Carnival

Has this winter been really warm for you?  For some reason, it feels like Spring, which is a great thing for us in Hong Kong because we get to do more outdoor activities than the usual.

This past weekend, my friends and I headed over to the AIA Great European Carnival, which is located at the Central Harbourfront Event Space.  I hadn't been down here since the late summer's Ukulele Festival.

But, over the past few months, I slowly saw the construction of the Hong Kong Ferris Wheel.  And then, over the Christmas holiday, I slowly saw the set up of the Carnival.  So, I've been wanting to check this out for a good month and this weekend, being so beautifully warm and sunny, was the perfect time.

The actual Ferris Wheel (sometimes referred to as the Hong Kong Observation Wheel) isn't apart of the Carnival, but some info on that (through just checking out the ticket booth whilst we were down there):

Adults cost $100 HKD
Children cost $70 HKD
8 - 10 people per carriage

NOTE:  You will probably be put in a carriage with strangers, which may or may not be to your liking.

As for the Carnival:

Adults cost $125 HKD

Children cost $90 HKD

This price included 10 tokens to be used on games or rides

Open from 11 am - 11 pm daily

I'm not sure when the Carnival is running until, but online it says that it is open until late February.

NOTE:  1 Token = $10 HKD

We got here around 1pm and it was nice and empty!  A few times, when I was just walking by, I saw huge crowds, which wouldn't make the Carnival such a great experience (LINES and all).  But, getting there early has its perks!

The games were around 2 Tokens for 2 - 4 tries.  They were probably one of the most fun things at the Carnival…besides the Haunted House.  I'm not so much a thrill-seeker when it comes to going on rides.

Anther draw, for the kiddies probably, was the ice skating rink.  There were more people on this than there were on the rides this day.

The Haunted House was probably my favorite part.  I feel like there were only two guys running the entire thing, but it was terrifying.  It was totally the dark and scary asylum of my nightmares.  I would say, if you are as easily scared as myself, bring a flashlight or download the flashlight app onto your phone.  I found myself too terrified at times to even pass through a room.  For some reason, I kept thinking that someone was going to jump out at me or bum rush me from behind…(I mean, how likely is that in a Haunted House???).  

Anyhow, I think a flashlight would have given me more courage!  

Overall, I had such a great time at the Carnival.  It's definitely something I'm going to go head out to again.  I do want to check it out in the evening next time, as the lights will all be a-blazing and there are also musical acts/bands that will be performing at night.