Monday, January 5, 2015

Lantau Holiday: Mui Wo Culture & Exhibition Centre

Whilst spending our holiday in Mui Wo, we made a point to do all of the touristy things that we could do.  One thing on our list was to visit the Mui Wo Culture & Exhibition Centre.  

Fun Fact:  My friend told me that the complex used to be the local clinic.  Her husband was born there, as well as past generations of his family.  

I had a feeling it would be like Tai O's little museum that showcases the development of the area.  I was quite right.

Mui Wo Culture & Exhibition Centre Information:
Free Admission
Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays
1 - 4 pm

Right on the outside of the Centre's entrance is a huge map of the attractions in the area.  It's a good place to plan outings for the day:  temples, hiking trails, old buildings, natural attractions, etc.

The first room of the Centre seemed to be dedicated to the development of Mui Wo, the landmarks around the area, and some local flora and fauna.  It also had future plans of how Mui Wo would be developing:  the construction plans of the promenade, etc.  It's the photo exhibit, basically.

Fun Fact:  Featured above is a water buffalo.  They are identifiable by their grey color.  They like to live in muddy swamp-ish land, have horns are crescent moon shaped, are powerful, weigh a thousand kilos, and are aggressive.

Fun Fact:  Featured above is a yellow cow.  They are identifiable by their back and "yellow" color, like to live in grassy land, have calm personalities, and helped farmers in the old days to tend their lands.

There was also a case that housed silver, which was found here a long time ago.

The second room of the Centre was dedicated to the livelihood of the local people.  This was probably my favorite bit of the museum.  I really like antiquing and this is sort of similar.  There were some pretty awesome items featured:  farming equipment, bakeware, beautiful furniture, and even an "Old Style Television" (for the kids of the next generation to be amazed at)!

It was a nice little museum to learn about the local culture.  It was really fun to see all of the displays, which reminded me very much of my Elementary School days:  History Fair anyone!