Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fish & Chick

The Hong Kong MTR line has been extended.  Now our Island Line (Blue Line) goes all the way to Kennedy Town (Sheung Wan --> Sai Ying Pun --> HKU --> Kennedy Town)!  Because of this momentous addition, a lot of us are taking trips down to Kennedy Town…as you do…to check out the area.

Who knows, there might be something new down there!

I haven't been down to Kennedy Town for years.  The last time was to visit a restaurant.  And, like last time, my husband and I were down there to visit a restaurant.  

There are quite a handful of really great restaurants down near the Kennedy Town waterfront.  One on our radar was Fish & Chick.  Their specialty is fish and chips and roasted chicken.  It's really popular, as in, you can't make reservations and you have to line up.  We got there at 1pm (on a weekday) and got seats at the bar at 2pm.  So, it was an hour wait…though we were in the lunch hour rush.

The decor of this place is all but quirky.

The menu is easy to order from (sets recommended!)

The seating is every so cozy (crowded!)

And the staff are every so busy.

But, the location, looking out over the water, and the great spirits of the patrons makes this a pretty great eatery.

Hot Lemon Tea
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Crab Cakes
Potato Soup
Chicken Soup
Fish and Chips
Half of a Roasted Chicken
Carrot Cake LOADED with Cinnamon (beware of the mammoth amount of cinnamon sprinkled on this cake!)
I'm not sure that I would going down to Kennedy Town just for the sake of eating at Fish & Chick again, but it was a great lunch spent.  I think, though, since Hong Kong has an exorbitant amount of great places to eat, I would definitely test out other eateries around the area…But, again, definitely a great lunch…filling…and with wonderful company!