Friday, January 9, 2015

Lantau Holiday: Chun Chun Canteen

There is a really famous local canteen in Mui Wo called Chun Chun, which is famous for curry and noodle dishes.  It's located on 35 Rural Committee Road.

How to get there:
1.  From the Mui Wo Ferry Pier, walk right
2.  Walk along Silvermine Bay until you hit the corner of the Silvermine Beach Resort
3.  Walk along the pathway to the left of the Resort (the Resort will be on your right and the playground will be on your left)
4.  This pathway will take you into the general direction center of the town
5.  The Rural Committee Road will be on the road parallel to your right

NOTE:  Once again, I hope these directions prove useful and easy!

Just in case, I took a snapshot of the Chun Chun's shop front (pictured below).

The menu is all in Chinese, but the ladies are nice enough to tell you what is good.  The menu offers a variety of noodle dishes in soup, a variety of rice dishes, a variety of Vietnamese-style vermicelli noodles, a variety of toasts, a variety of sandwiches, and a variety of cold/hot drinks.  It's a pretty good menu with options, I'd say!

The canteen is supposed to be Vietnamese, but it's very much a fusion of the local Hong Kong style with frames of Vietnamese influence in the canteen's walls.  The ladies at the canteen also spoke Cantonese with us!

We got two of the recommended dishes:

1.  Curry with beef and rice
2.  A tomato-based soup with noodles and beef

Both dishes were delicious.  I mainly stuck with the tomato-based soup with noodles, which filled my stomach with satisfaction!  It was simple and filling.  No complaints from me.

Chun Chun is inexpensive, delicious, has a great group of ladies that run it, and has a really awesome Old-Hong-Kong-feeling environment.  I've been here only twice, but I have great memories of the twice times that I have been here.  My most recent trip, which is this Lantau Holiday, proved that this place is worth returning to whenever I'm in the area next!