Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eats Week: Dai Mon Yokocho

One of my favorite places to find dinner, when I'm down in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), is, hands down, Hau Fook Street.  This place has a great variety of food and a really great vibe.  

We were in the mood for Japanese and decided to hop into Dai Mon Yokocho (大門橫丁).  It's a cozy little udon shop that actually picks up the pace around 7 pm (the dinner time rush?).

Dai Mon Yokocho (大門橫丁) Information:
Ground Floor, 10 Hau Fook Street
2394 - 4335
Open daily from noon - 4pm and from 6 - 3 am

How to get there:
1.  From TST MTR Exit B2, you will find yourself on Cameron Road
2.  Walk along Cameron Road in the direction of Carnarvon Road
3.  When you reach the intersection of Cameron Road and Carnarvon Road, turn left onto Carnarvon Road
4.  Hau Fook Steet will be on your right

NOTE:  It's a small street, but Etude House (cosmetic shop) should be a good landmark of where Hau Fook Steet starts.

We weren't quite in the udon mood, so we decided to order a handful of snack items.  It seems like that has been the trend of the week!

Complimentary Green Tea


Deep-fried Oysters

Golden Mushrooms wrapped in Beef

Spice and Garlic Eggplant 

Beef and Leek Skewer
Eating here reminded me of Japan.  My coworkers and I would head out after the day was done for some yakiniku, okonomiyaki, or other late night snacks.  Japanese restaurants, for me, always mean good food and good fun.