Monday, January 12, 2015

Eats Week: 18 Blocks Puppy Noodles

Though there is a nice comfort in finding delicious reliable places to eat and returning there because of that reassurance, there is also something really nice about discovering new places to eat and adding on to that list of already awesome places to eat.

Awhile back, we were in Mong Kok and decided to just wander the streets and into any place that caught our eye.

Walking along Tung Choi Street, we passed a pretty awesome looking noodle shop.  The name caught my husband's eye and the images of their dishes caught mine.

The new place we tried today was called 十八座狗仔粉.  
It translates into Eighteen Paparazzi Pink on Google Translate.  
It could also be translate it into 18 Blocks Puppy Noodles (Literal Translation).

十八座狗仔粉 Information:
Shop B, Ground Floor, 139 Tung Choi Street
Mong Kok

How to get there:
1.  From Mong Kok MTR Exit B3 or B2, you will be at the intersection Fife Street and Sai Yueng Choi Street

2.  Walk left along Fife Street (in the direction of Tung Choi Street)

3.  When you hit Tung Choi Street (which is just the next block over), turn left

4.  Walk along Tung Choi Street (cross Mong Kok Road) for a minute or so

5.  十八座狗仔粉 should be on your left

It's quite easy to order, as there are numerous photos pasted around the little shop that have the top recommended items.  The dishes/snacks we tried were all a good small proportion, which is great for us because we like to try a lot of things in one sitting!

Because the shop is quite small, everyone gets to sit at the bar, basically.  It's a great way for people to get in and out quickly, but it is a horrible way to get in and out easily.  Sitting towards the back of the shop means sitting back to back with other 18 Blocks Puppy Noodle patrons!  You have to be there to really experience the compactness of the dining experience.

Mock Shark Fin Soup

Puppy Noodles

A Leg of Duck

Fish Skin Dumplings
I think this is a great place to take my family and friends.  The things we ate were delicious.  The atmosphere is really fun.  And I love the local feel.  The price of the food items are so incredibly reasonable for what you get.

So inexpensive!

We went back there today, which is why I thought it a good idea to blog.  I also discovered that they have a shop up in Yuen Long (which I will definitely put on my list of things to do!)   18 Blocks Puppy Noodle definitely has my RETURNABILITY approval!

We got our favorite dishes of puppy noodles and mock shark fin soup.  We also decided to try something new (pictured below).

Puppy Noodles

Mock Shark Fin Soup

Leg of Duck (Duck drumstick?)

Cuttlefish/Pork/Pork and Mushroom/Beef Balls

The cuttlefish/beef/etc balls aren't my favorite, but they were nice to try.  I think I'll stick with the puppy noodles for sure.

1.  Try the Leg of Duck!  It's so delicious!