Saturday, January 10, 2015

Amazing Maze

We were in Shatin's New Town Plaza, which is one of the many great malls in Hong Kong, over the weekend, and discovered that the Christmas Maze was still intact.

It's officially called the "aMAZEing Christmas at Starlight Garden."  It was designed by Adrian Fisher and is meant to be walked through during the evening, as the walls and fixtures light up.   The maze is actually open until the end of January.

It's located on the seventh floor of the mall in the Starlight Garden.

The maze is open from noon to 10 pm.

The location of the maze is really spectacular.  It's on a rooftop and it has the most amazing view of the surrounding area.   Looking across the way from the Starlight Garden, you can see a mini golf course on the next rooftop.

And there was also a rooftop garden on another rooftop.

The maze has one entrance and one exit.  It is comprised of just walls and clear glass, which makes the experience quite relaxing (rather than claustrophobic).

In the distance, you can spot the exit.  At the entrance and exit, there are maze staff there to direct you where to enter or exit.  Before we exited, though, there was a man who told us we could take a photo on the platform to the left of the exit.

The platform overlooks the entire maze and is a great area to take a I FINISHED THE aMAZEing MAZE shot for Facebook!

What a great idea!  This maze, I would say, is just as aMAZEing as the maze at the Disneyland Hotel.