Friday, January 2, 2015

Lantau Holiday: Mui Wo Man Mo Temple

I have another Man Mo Temple for your viewing pleasure today.  The Mui Wo Man Mo Temple can be found along the Hong Kong Olympic Trail.  It is the first (sort of) landmark before the trek to the Silvermine Waterfall.

Like most of the attractions around Mui Wo, there are signs that lead to this temple.

There is a lovely forest of banana trees that sit just opposite the Mui Wo Man Mo Temple.

It's still a functioning temple, where you can find incense for patrons to burn.  When we were walking by, there were several hikers who stopped by to pay homage.

There's also a little fun fact placed right opposite the temple for passersby.

Pictured below are two of the paintings on the facade of the temple.  They are along the sides of the main entryway.

The main alter area is always my favorite part of most temples.  Most temple alters are always adorned with such beautiful flowers and offerings.  It is what makes visiting temples such an experience.  I think it aids on that homage-reverent feeling that comes over patrons as they enter the main doors.

I guess it's actually quite similar to how the alters of Christian churches make me feel!

On the left of the main alter area is a set of drums.

And to the right of the drums are a duo of statues.  Just beyond these figures is another little alter to the side of the main alter.

The paintings on the main doors are beautiful (pictured below).  These are perhaps the most beautiful ones I have seen thus far, in my exploration of Hong Kong's temples.

There is a second room attached to the main temple area, where the caretakers store things.

Here is a shot of the pillars that stand in front of the alter.  They are the first things that you can see when you walk into the main temple.

The Mui Wo Man Mo Temple was a great find along the Hong Kong Olympic Trail!  It's lovely to be able to view a bit of the Mui Wo culture, check out the local history, experience a lovely little waterfall, and also get in a decent morning walk.

I definitely recommend this easy walk/hike for anyone who wants to see a handful of local landmarks in a short period of time!