Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Postcard from the Kinkaku-ji Temple

Current City:  Kyoto

Another day, another Shinkansen ride.

We've touched down in Kyoto.

We decided to check out the Kinkaku-ji Temple first, as it was one of our major MUST SEE things in KYOTO.

Though it was rather crowded, it was a serene walk around the Kinkaku-Ji Temple and grounds.  The gardens were beautiful.  If I had the talent, I could see myself sitting down during Ancient Japan, calligraphy brush in hand, paint pot at my side, a scroll on my knees, and painting the scene in front of me.

I thought it was so endearing to see this woman using her tablet to catch the image of this waterfall!  She was literally trying to line-up this shot for 3 minutes!  There was a back-up to the left of this image because people were letting her take photos.  It's a nice gesture to allow someone to take their pictures without a drove of people interfering or photo-bombing.

I thought it would be nice to show the droves of people who were so considerate (below):

Something really beautiful, which I have been noticing recently, are all the flowers.  Every petal and every bud seem to be glowing.  Spring is such a wonderful time to experience.

Neon colored flowers!

Neon colored sakura trees!

Luminous sakura!
Though the flowers might not actually be glowing, they appear to be!  The Kinkaku-Ji Temple was definitely a great choice to start our sightseeing tour of Kyoto!