Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Friday (SORT OF): Junk Trips

The thing I love most about summers in Hong Kong are the junk trips.  

This is a Friday post, but I actually went on this junk trip last Sunday...I wanted to sort of put it under my FIRST FRIDAY type of posts because it was a sort of FIRST type of event.

This was the FIRST junk trip that I went on with a theme.  My friend organized a Hawaiian Luau theme for our trip, which I totally loved because I am originally from Honolulu!  It was also the FIRST junk trip that I went on that took off from the Central ferry piers (usually we take off from Sai Kung).  The Central ferry piers are so much more convenient than heading out to Sai Kung because the traffic in and out of there (especially during junk boat season) is horrendous!  And this was also the FIRST junk trip that I had been on that had authentic Hawaiian beers.  Cheers!

Every junk trip I've been on has been B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Food) style.  For our party of about 30 people, we had a reasonable about of drinks and food to suffice our 6 hour luau:

After loading everything onto the junk, we took off for Middle Bay (south of Hong Kong island, beside Repulse Bay):

We decorated the junk boat with all things Hawaiian, which really added to the festive ambience!

Pineapples near the air conditioning vent

Restroom decor
 When we got to Middle Bay, we unpacked the food and had our amazing luau:

The spread was beautiful and so delicious!

Besides the eating, drinking, and merriment, junk trips allow you to swim in the ocean and also make your way to the beach.  We were anchored about 500 meters from Middle Bay Beach, which was a pretty good stretch of water to swim--then a hop, skip and a jump over the shark net--to get to the beach.  Some junk trips offer banana boats, wake boarding, snorkeling gear, and jet skiing.

This was, by far, my favorite junk trip this year.

I love the summer!