Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tsuen Wan Beaches: Ting Kau Village & Beach

After checking out the Tsuen Wan Beaches on my own, I thought I would share some of their beauty with my husband.  I saved the best for last!  

Ting Kau Village sits under Ting Kau bridge and looks out to Tsing Yi Island.  Like the other beaches, it is on bus route 234b, which makes going to the Tsuen Wan beaches so conveniently easy.  On this particular day, we set out in the morning to explore the little village.

The walk down from the roadside is like walking along a little spiraled maze.

But, the village is really small, so reaching the actual beach front took less than 3 minutes.

Most of the families that we saw on the beach must have been from Ting Kau Village, which is amazing.  I would love to live in a village beside the beach.

Things you can expect at Ting Kau Beach:
1.  Poor water quality,
2.  Changing/Bathroom facilities,
3.  A lifeguard on duty,
4.  A playground right behind the beach for children to play on,
5.  Trees to sit under
6.  Rubbish bins,
7.  A magnificent view,
8.  And rocky sand to sunbathe on!

I loved the vibe of Ting Kau Beach.  It was so chilled that we spent most of our morning here before heading back to City Walk for an afternoon of air-conditioned bliss.  Ting Kau, you'll be seeing me again!