Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tin Hau Temple @ Repulse Bay

There are a lot of Tin Hau Temples in this City because, a long, long time ago, Hong Kong used to be heavy into fishing.  There are still many fishing villages dotted around the islands.  But, Tin Hau temples were constructed as apart of the City's fishing history.

Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea and protector of the fishermen (Sounds very Game of Thrones!).  On the east side of Repulse Bay sits the Tin Hau Temple.  It's one of many that I have found that are heavily ornamented and frequented by locals/tourists.

There are two sections of this temple.  The upper section (pictured below):

...and the lower section (pictured below), which sits on the beach:

Here's the Bridge of Longevity.  On the plaque it says that if you walk across this bridge once, you'll gain three more days to your life.  We crossed it twice, but I might cross it some more when I make it back down to Repulse Bay.

Of all my years going down to Repulse Bay, I had never thought of checking out the Tin Hau Temple. So, it felt like a great find!