Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tsuen Wan Beaches: Casam & Lido Beaches

Today's blog post is all about Casam Beach and Lido Beach in Tsuen Wan.  

How To Get Here:
1.  Exiting from Tsuen Wan West MTR Exit A
2.  Catch bus 234B
3.  Jump off at Lido Beach

Lido beach seemed like the more popular beach because a few other people got off with me at the bus stop.  I checked the water quality and thought it best to not take a dip in the water.  Again, this was a great beach to sunbathe at because it was quite peaceful and the sand was pretty nice (still a bit rocky).

Casam Beach and Lido Beaches are connected to each other, which was great to learn because there was more space to feel some privacy.

I went just before noon and there were people cleaning up the beach, which made my heart soar!  I like how the Tsuen Wan beaches have newer facilities and are quite clear of rubbish.

Lido Beach had this huge tree that I stationed myself under.  There were a lot of shady areas, actually...which I think will be way more popular now that school is out and the kids are heading to the beaches.

It's definitely a great beach area to picnic!

These two beaches had all the normal facilities of Hong Kong beaches:
1.  Lifeguard on duty
2.  Changing/Bathroom facilities
3.  Rubbish bins
4.  Safe swimming area
5.  Good amount of shade

I really liked Lido Beach and wouldn't mind returning to just spend a morning or evening!