Monday, July 14, 2014

Traveling Tuesday: Tsuen Wan Beaches

It's summer time and the thing I love the most, besides junk trips, is going to the beach.

I was looking up beaches closer to my home and came upon a lot of beaches in Tsuen Wan.  They seemed to be all along Castle Peak Road.  I thought I would check them out, as a little bit of research for anyone curious.

Originally, I had planned to just chill out at the beach, but, when I realized it was an actual URBAN HIKE, I thought I would put aside visiting the beaches for another day.  Before leaving the MTR station, I loaded up on water (which is a MUST in this hot weather!).

How To Get To The Tsuen Wan Beaches:
1.  Exiting from Tsuen Wan West MTR Exit A
2.  Catch bus 234B
3.  Jump off at Hoi Mei Beach

Along this bus route, you can hop off at any beach, but I got off at Hoi Mei because it seemed like a good place to start my urban hike.  The path is pretty clearly marked and it goes all the way back to the Tsuen Wan West MTR station.  I think the walk back was over 4000 meters.  

The walk is beautifully scenic because it goes along the beaches, but it also passes under some of Hong Kong's most beautiful bridges.

There were also some villages spotted along the way.

Ting Kau Village has a beach of their own, which is coming in a future post!

After passing most of the beaches, I got to the huge waterway where all the boats were resting.

Under one of the bridges, I found a fisherman.

The actual promenade started at this point near the freeway.

There were also fishermen on the promenade.

It took me about two hours to slowly make my way from Hoi Mei Beach to the Tsuen Wan West MTR station.  I stopped a few places, took photos, and also noted where the beaches were ( I could go back).  There are many places to sit and rest.

Plan for tomorrow...explore one of the Tsuen Wan beaches!!!!!