Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wandering Around Tai Hang

A really great place to check out is Tai Hang.  It's due north of Causeway Bay/Tin Hau.

How To Get Here:
1.  From Tin Hau MTR Station Exit B, you'll find yourself on King's Road
2.  Look across the street and you should see Wellcome (supermarket)
3.  To the right of Wellcome is Tung Lo Wan Road (Get over there!)
4.  Walk up Tung Lo Wan Road for 7 - 10 minutes
5.  When you find Wun Sha Street, you've found the Tai Hang area

The area just looks so chic and neighborhood-y.  I'd originally happened upon this area when I went to the Hello Kitty Secret Garden cafe.  But, walking around, I realized there were a bunch of really trendy little restaurants.  There are also beautiful buildings and a lot of cool things to see.

Though we just wandered around Tai Hang today, I made a mental note that it's a great spot to have a date night...or brunch date!