Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Weekend: Firefly Hike

Does anyone remember Owl City's "Fireflies?"

Well, that was playing on my iPod for over two weeks as I waited for this past weekend's trip to view some fireflies.

Over the weekend, my husband and I hiked one of the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve trails to view fireflies.   We booked a mini tour with nine other firefly watching enthusiasts through Wouter van Marle (Wouter's Countryside Hikes).   The hike started out at around 7 pm.  Almost immediately we started spotting little green/yellow lights along the floor of the forest.  Along the rivers and waterways were where most of the fireflies were congregating.

Tail end of a firefly larva

Firefly larva

Wouter was an awesome guide.  He provided us with red bike lights so that we could make our way through the trail without much light pollution.  And he also knew quite a bit of little facts about fireflies.

It was so lovely to see some flying in the darkness!  It was also beautiful to see them spotted around in the bushes, flickering or blinking.  The hike was also really fun because it was a nighttime adventure (hiking through bouts of rain, trekking through muddy slopes, and using the moon as our main source of light).

This experience made me want to check out the other areas of Hong Kong where fireflies can be viewed.

NOTE:  I heard through some other hikers that the Tin Shui Wai Wetland Park and Mai Po Nature Reserve are great places to view fireflies.